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community access

Caters for people with disabilities, providing activities, support and developmental training.

Our Disability Services day program activities are designed to provide a wide range of learning and social experiences for our participants. We have a strong focus on community participation and independent living skills training that gives our participants the opportunity to develop friendships, learn new skills and grow their confidence.

At our day program, we encourage participants to engage in activities such as catching up with dear ones over coffee or lunch, assistance with shopping and even art classes. Each activity is tailored to build upon existing strengths whilst developing new abilities. Our team is dedicated to helping participants maintain meaningful connections within the local community by providing support whenever needed.
By bringing together professionals from a variety of backgrounds, we ensure that all aspects of each participant’s life are addressed in an environment that promotes independence and personal growth!

We also help people with high support needs

Our clients can experience meaningful conversations and build comfortable and enduring connections with a caring volunteer through our Community Access and Companionship services.

Our community access services encompass

We go above and beyond to make sure our community gets access to the help and care they need!

Our disability and elderly care involve a more personalized approach that connects you with volunteers who understand your unique interests, values, needs, and personality, and create meaningful experiences for you within your home, outdoors, or in the presence of your community. Your bond with your community access volunteer will keep you mentally, socially, and physically agile. It will let you pursue your interests and not let your disability affect your social behavior. Cosy Home and Community Care provide volunteers who have a high social quotient and many of our clients have shared long-term, enduring connections with them.
We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to get around or have someone available to help when needed. That’s why we are here to help bridge that gap. No matter the age or physical ability, we will accommodate your needs and ensure you get where you need to go safely. We believe everyone deserves access to the same opportunities regardless of their circumstance.
Our goal is simple: making life easier for those who need it most!