Registered Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider in Victoria. Amber Health Care is the most trustworthy and registered SIL provider with multiple vacancies. It is the natural instinct of every human being to stay happy, healthy, as well as independent. However, for those living with limitations, staying happy and jovial is a challenge. They feel dejected and left out of society due to their limitations. This is where a NDIS support provider will come into play, and if you are in Victoria.
At Amber Health Care, we have in our team some of the best skilled and qualified support and caregivers, who will take into account the age of the participants, their age and gender, the type and severity of their limitations, their lifestyle and objectives of life, to come up with Supported Independent Living (SIL) assistance packages that are tailored to meet the custom needs of the participants in question.
How do our SIL Assistants in Victoria make an impact on the participants’ psyche?

Our team caregivers offering SIL packages will help make informed decisions so that the participants are always in control of their respective support. Our experts, besides personalising the support, will create a warm, affectionate and cordial environment, where every participant, regardless of the condition they are living in, will feel safe, cared about, and valued – the parameters that help these individuals get rid of the feeling of rejection and low esteem.

Our highly caring and qualified experts will not only collaborate with the family members but all the other ancillary caregivers and health professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, mental health professionals, behavioral practitioners, occupational therapists, and other health professionals.

What does our Supported Independent Living include?
At Amber Health Care, supported independent living service includes but is not restricted to:
  • Help in managing the money and budgeting along with household management
  • Assistance in the preparation of meals and cleaning
  • Assistance to improve their social skills
  • Assisting them with personal care
  • Travel and transport assistance to attend appointments
  • Providing personal care like showering, and bathing, grooming, maintenance of personal hygiene, dressing, and the likes
  • Assistance with other daily life skills like cleaning, or laundry
Therefore, such a holistic approach is a one-stop solution for those seeking Supported Independent Living.