10 Wunda street, Dromana

Property Features:

  • * Compatible to Environmental Control Units (ECU): The property is designed to support various Environmental Control Units, ensuring ease of use for all residents.
  • * Air Conditioning: Stay comfortable year-round with efficient air conditioning throughout the property.
  • Heating: Enjoy warmth during colder months with reliable heating systems.
  • Shared Living: Engage in a communal living experience with shared spaces designed for social interaction and comfort.
  • Storage for Personal Equipment: Ample storage solutions are available for all personal equipment, ensuring convenience and organization.
  • Built-in Robe: Each room features built-in robes for efficient storage and organization of clothing and personal items.
  • Direct Access to Yard/Courtyard/Garden: Enjoy the outdoors with direct access to a beautifully maintained yard, courtyard, or garden area.
  • Private/Ensuite Bathroom: Each living space includes a private or ensuite bathroom, providing privacy and convenience.
  • Private Living Space: Enjoy the comfort of your own private living area within the property.
  • Shared Kitchen: The property includes a well-equipped shared kitchen, perfect for preparing meals and socializing with other residents.
  • Walkable Distance to Shopping Centers: Conveniently located within walking distance to shopping centers, making errands and shopping trips easy and accessible.
  • Easy Access to Public Transport: The property offers easy access to public transport, ensuring convenient travel options for all residents.

This comprehensive list of features ensures that Arthur’s Seat – Dromana Respite with an indoor swimming pool offers a comfortable, convenient, and engaging living environment for all residents