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Travel Assistance
Victoria’s No.1 Travel Assistance Service Provider
Traveling is a very normal phenomenon of human life and a spontaneous feature of our daily life. But for those living with disabilities, it is a different ball game altogether. It’s a challenge for them to overcome their limitations and travel. This is where the intervention of trained and qualified travel assistants comes into play. And if you are in Victoria, and looking for the best experts offering travel and travel assistance, Amber Health Care is the name to turn to.

With experience and in-depth knowledge, backed by a customer-centric approach, we are next to none when it comes to offering tailored support services for the disabled.

How do our Travel and Transport Support Providers differ from the others?
We know that no two individuals have the same type of disability. Thus, when you hire us, our experts will gauge the lifestyle of the individuals, the objectives of their lives, and their social economic backgrounds, thus coming up with a tailored travel and transport support package. Naturally, the support service they come up with ends up being the most perfect one, to meet individual travel and support needs.

The tailored travel and transport services we come up with are next to none in helping these individuals lead a life of self-esteem, dignity, and as much autonomy as possible.

What our Travel and Transport Support Service includes:
At Amber Health Care, the travel and transport service that we come up with include but is not limited to:
  • Assisting in the use of public transport
  • Assistance in travel to the local market for grocery shopping to meet the daily needs
  • Supporting visits to the local chemist to get prescribed OTC medicines
  • Assistance in a visit to meet the doctor, attending the meeting to meet the professional obligation, getting to parties and get-togethers with friends and family
  • Participating in community events and visiting groups, clubs, and other gatherings
  • Visiting libraries, movies, theatres, music festivals, and other recreational activities.
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